About O:S!

About the site

Objection: Salad! is a food blog started by two Brits, Nick and Rich, who started it without really knowing how it was going to pan out. We still don’t. Hopefully, our writing will come from the heart — blending instructional content like recipes with a personal touch and a conversational style. The idols we are trying to rip off strive to emulate in this regard are Salt & Fat and American Drink.

(The site name comes from this post Rich did where Nick objected to the laughably token side salad. That, and the fact that we both really, really like meat.)

Our logo was made by Gaz.

About Rich

As a child, Rich loved to eat, and when he turned into an impoverished student, he therefore learnt to love to cook. He prefers savoury to sweet and strong flavours to delicate touches. By day, Rich writes software for a travel firm in South Wales and blogs about Apple tech at TUAW. He is on Twitter as @penllawen and keeps a poorly curated personal blog.

Rich doesn’t write this blog alone, though. He has help from:

About Nick

Nick is the sort of home chef who not only owns an electrically controlled themostatic water bath but also uses it several times a week. By day, he does something complicated with computers in London. He is on Twitter as @craster. You can see all of Nick’s O:S! posts here.

About Danielle

Danielle is Rich’s long-suffering wife. Any less-than-awful presentation Rich manages in his food is entirely down to her. She’s also fully in charge of all baking at Chez iWood, so you can assume any pictures of cakes or pies are her handiwork. She’s American, resulting in a constant power struggle with Rich about whether flour should be measured by the gram or by the cup. She has her own blog, Chic Of Geek and she’s on Twitter as @sistacrumpet.